Our Challange: A professional event registration system

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During the past three years we have been providing services for event registration based on our previous software products. We have become aware of changes in the market that have taken shape in the form of technological advancement, changes in business environment, ever increasing standards of security and privacy regulations, a sharp increase in use of mobile devices, and more. All these changes compelled us to design a brand new system to encompass all these changes.

When we started designing our new system we had to make some very basic decisions: The new system must support mobile devices, it must allow for manual account generation, enable multiple payment methods, and should include a mini-site for information about the event. In addition, the system should be low priced to allow it to become a commodity.

There are two approaches to designing a product: the top-down approach, and the bottom-up approach. The former approach consists of designing a complete system, with all the planned features, and making it available once everything has been finished. The latter consists of starting with the system's very basic features, and then adding features as you go. One of the benefits of this approach is designing while learning the relevance of the product to the clients, since no unneeded features are introduced.

Our system was launched at version 1.0 and with the patient assistance of Kaleidoscope, we built our product layer upon layer. We built a product our customers love because of its high functionality and because of its simple and intuitive interface. Whenever we would get a feature request we would write it down, prioritize it and add it to a future version. This way, feature after feature we eventually reached version number 1.4, the first stable product-grade version.

We did not stop there. Version 1.5 was launched, with additional form management levels, such as unlimited registration statuses, importing registrations, and ability to find duplicate registrations.

Presently, we are concluding the development of version 1.6, with the main added feature being accommodation management. It may sound like a simple feature, but designing a system that will fulfill the needs of most cases was no easy feat.

So what's next? We are already in the works for version 1.7, which will feature a brand new look for the management system. The new look will be completely responsive, and more agile. We are very excited with the addition of each and every new product feature.

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