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In professional conferences the main communication channels have traditionally been keynote speakers and oral presentations. Many conferences also showcase poster presentation - eye-level plaques describing the thesis, process and result of a research study. Conferences would hold dozens of posters on easels in great halls. Speakers would walk through the conference halls carrying their poster tubes.

Today, alternative methods are available. The most preferred is the electronic poster, a digital presentation on computers or on television screens. The decline in monitor prices allows renting 42-inch screens for a reasonable price. Submission of digital posters both practical and simple. Abstracts for the conference are composed on programs like Word or Power Point, and saved as PDF files.

Solutions for digital posters vary according to technology and price scale. ProMarketing Wizard offers a solution that integrates a website display and on-site display on TV screens. Our solution has been implemented in international conferences of Israel's National Institute for Health Policy Research, and for conferences of the Health Department and the Home Front Command.

For more information about e-Posters, contact Eli Amar, at +972-544-854-733