New! Invitations and pre-filled registration in Form Wizard

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The newest version of Form Wizard allows creating a list of invited people, creating and sending invitation emails to the invited with a personalized message and a unique link to a pre-filled form. Clicking the link will redirect the invitee to a form which will have his or her details already put in. The invitee can update the information and fill out the rest of the form.

The advantage for the invitee is a faster registration process, with many of the fields already filled in by the system. The advantages for the inviter are numerous, for example, the inviter may choose to allow anyone to be able to fill out the form or allow only people on the invited list to register. An inviter who conducts multiple events could export a list of participants from a past event and use it as an invited list for upcoming events and thus increase his or her event’s turnout. Another use could be to invite an event’s participants to fill out a feedback form.

The system allows creating invitations one by one, or creating several at once by uploading an Excel file. Invitations don’t necessarily have to include the invitee’s details, but must at least include an email address. The inviter can then sent individual emails, or select some or all invitees and send them invitations in a single click. Invitees who have registered successfully are removed from the invited list and put on the registered list.

Further down the road an SMS sending system will be implemented, allowing to send SMS messages to invitees who have not registered yet.