Notifications via SMS – Overcoming email blockers

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Massive spam distributers from all around the world have become such a nuisance that a coalition of companies led by Microsoft has declared war on bulk email senders. The main methods of fighting the problem are by locating the email servers and by actively blocking incoming mail.

The smartest mailing service might average at 50% opening rate, but mostly the opening rates will stand on 20-30%, mainly due to spam blockers.

Although we are using the finest mailing service on the market – SendGrid – and are achieving significant open rates and click-through rates, our customers want to get close to 100% open rate, which cannot be attained using emails alone. This is where we need a complimentary solution, like SMS sending.

Our system uses Nexmo’s SMS servers to sends its SMS messages. In order to send SMS messages you first need to create a Nexmo account, and then copy the account’s credentials to your form’s SMS settings section. Through our system you can keep track of your balance on Nexmo and see how many messages you can send.

Our system has integrated SMS capabilities in 2 fashions:

A. Sending invitations via emails and/or SMS

Our systems allows creating an invited list for your form. As the form’s manager you can choose to allow unlimited registrations, or to allow only those on the invited list to register. In the latter case, registration is limited to once per invitation.

The invited list is either uploaded via an Excel file, or created one by one. Every invitee must have an email address, and can also be assigned a phone number for sending SMS messages. You can also assign the invitees data for each of the form’s fields, which they can modify upon registration. You can also mark certain fields as non-modifiable.

Once your invited list is assembled, you can invite them by sending them a designed email message. After a while you may choose to send another email to those who have yet to registered, or alternatively, invite them by SMS message.

In the business community it is customary to receive invitations by email. SMS messages are considered high priority, and should therefore be used as a complimentary method.

Our system can show you statistics on email open rates, click-through rates and who has registered, thus allowing you to send SMS messages only to those you want.

B. Sending notifications to registrants via emails and/or SMS

Once a user has registered you may want him or her to receive a notification about the successful registration. This can be done either via email or via SMS. In addition you may want to send some or all of your registrants a custom message regarding a change in venue or some other update about your event. With our system this can be done either via email or via SMS.

SMS messages can be very useful when dealing with people who do not use email as often.

SMS messages can also be useful for important notifications to people at the event or out of the office.

SMS messages have the benefits of promptness and a wide and simultaneous reach, at a reasonable cost.